Affordable Coolers Like Yeti Coolers

Hopefully you’ve already read our Cooler Buying Guide of the top things to consider when you are purchasing a cooler. If a YETI Cooler is out of your budget range, this page will share some other coolers comparable to YETI coolers – just cheaper.

If you need a cooler even cheaper than the YETI-like ones, we have some recommendations below for that as well.

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Ok, let’s dig into the best YETI alternatives. These coolers below, while not a YETI, are all very good and are sure to suit your needs without breaking your budget.

Coolers Similar To Yeti

In the list below, you will find some of the top inexpensive coolers on the market.

Engel ENG35T Deep Blue Ice Box 35qtEngel ENG35T Deep Blue Ice Box 35qtSee ThisPelican ProGear 35 qt. Elite CoolerPelican ProGear 35 qt. Elite CoolerSee This40 Quart Icey-Tek High Per. Cooler40 Quart Icey-Tek High Per. CoolerSee This

Other Coolers Comparable To Yeti:

1. Icey-Tek.

This is another brand on the market that is very well known – far from a Yeti cooler knockoff. A lot of people might even say that the cooler industry is a two headed monster with two brands leading the charge – Yeti and Icey-Tek.

Icey Tek coolers vs YETIIf you spend your time researching the differences between the two and other ice chests online, it is very likely that you are going to find all kinds of reviews and differing opinions on which brand makes better coolers than the other.

However, the truth is, the consumer wins because you literally cannot go wrong with either brand in this scenario.

Icey-Tek coolers actually come with their own set of rugged designs as well. They come with thoroughly insulated walls, very powerful and strong latches, and other types of features that might actually catch the attention of those shopping for coolers.

Icey-Tek also has some of the largest ranges of cooler sizes that you are going to find available on the marketplace. Not to mention, they also come in varying colors for those that care about such things. This means that buyers are going to have a lot of different options that they can choose from and that they do not have to settle for anything less than exactly what they want and need.

The prices for Icey-Tek coolers are on par with what you would find with the Yeti brand. However, you can definitely spend a lot more on Icey-Tek products because as a brand they have ventured into the super large segment of coolers ranging all the way to 760 quarts.

The biggest DOWNSIDE to Icey-Tek coolers is how hard they are to find!

Here is the best deal on an Icey-Tek cooler than we could find.

2. Grizzly.

These coolers are also competitive in terms of pricing and feature set. They are advertised as an alternative to Yeti ice chests.

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These coolers have around four primary selling points.

The first and most obvious is durability. Grizzly actually claims that their coolers can withstand an entire lifetime of use and abuse.

The second popular selling point of these coolers is their extremely strong latches and hinges that work to keep Grizzly coolers tops nice and tight.

The third selling point for these coolers is the unique two inch drain that Grizzly includes in all of their coolers. This makes getting rid of excess liquid and waste a lot easier and it also speeds up the entire process of cleaning the cooler.

In fact, a lot would say that you can clean this particular cooler a lot faster than competing and even pricier brands on the market.

Lastly, this cooler and brand prides itself on offering a ton of different colors that will allow your cooler to properly stand out from mainstream coolers on the market. Therefore, those that are looking for stand out colors such as hot pink and/or lime are going to be very happy to know that they offer them.

3. ENGEL DeepBlue.

While a lot would say this cooler is a slight step down from the pack leaders – Yeti and Icey-Tek, these Engel coolers offer a solid product line for those that are looking for affordable and durable coolers.


This cooler brand has won a ton of respect within the camping, hunting, tailgating, and fishing communities.


These chests are pretty much advertised to be extremely durable to the point where grizzly bears can’t even get inside of them. In fact, buyers will even find a stamp on their coolers that states, “IGCB Certified Bear Resistant Container.”


As you can see, the brand and company are extremely confident in the product that they have made and for good reason, it is extremely good. If you are looking for a less costly cooler that fits better within your budget, an Engel cooler is easily a good option to consider.

4. Pelican.

Pelican coolers are really good, and while still not “cheap”, they are cheaper than YETI coolers.


We did an in-depth comparison of Yeti and Pelican coolers here on this site.


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As you can see, there are plenty of different cooler brands to consider from. If you are looking for the top of the line and the best of the best – you will want to stick with Yeti Coolers.


The best YETI cooler is their Tundra cooler – you can read our full review here.


However, if you want to find coolers similar to Yeti, you have plenty of options that will provide you with everything that you need from your cooler. They can be considered off brand yeti coolers, but they are every bit as good as yeti coolers.

Cheaper Options

While the coolers below are not exactly “YETI-like”, they are the current top-rated coolers according to consumer reports, reviews, and user feedback. If price your primary concern, yet you really want a GOOD cooler, here are our recommendations based on price point:  

Under $50

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Under $100

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Under $200

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