Can You Use Dry Ice in a YETI Cooler?

Yes! You sure can use dry ice in any YETI cooler except the soft-side YETI Hopper cooler bag!

Directions for Using Dry Ice in a YETI:

  • Use one 10 inch/10 pound block of Dry Ice per 15 inch length section of your YETI Tundra, Roadie, or Tank. This will ensure everything is kept frozen, including water ice, for at least 24-48 hours.
  • Wrap each block of dry ice in several sheets of newspaper before packing.
  • Dry Ice can be packed on top of or below food, but it will keep longer if packed on top (for convenience, many people pack it on bottom).
  • When packing the cooler with dry ice, try to minimize air pockets (empty space) in your YETI. Less air space will keep dry ice frozen longer. Water ice can be used to fill this space.
  • As with regular ice, try to keep your YETI in the coolest temperature spot available. Covering your cooler with a blanket or sleeping bag will help preserve all ice longer.
  • Dry ice can be used in combination with cubed or blocked water ice.
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