Why Are YETI Coolers So Expensive?

YETI coolers are more expensive than other coolers, that’s for sure – but WHY?

First off, the construction of a YETI cooler is top-notch. While many try to compare it to the Igloo MaxCold cooler, it’s really not an even comparison.

Also, in the long run, a YETI cooler will SAVE you money. How? Simple – you will have to buy ice MUCH less often. And for those that use a cooler often, this is a big deal.

Plus, if you’re camping, do you really want to find a store to buy ice every day? I didn’t think so.

Yes, this Igloo MaxCold is a BIG cooler that is MUCH less expensive than a YETI (so are these YETI alternatives we reviewed here) – but it’s still not a YETI.

It’s like comparing a Honda with a Mercedes. Sure, they’re both good cars – both get you from point A to point B…but they’re not the same.

No matter HOW great a Honda is, it’s still not a Mercedes.

YETI coolers are the “Mercedes” in the cooler world and definitely worth the money IF you want and need the best cooler you can get.

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