How Many Cans Will My YETI Hold?

Here’s a simple chart showing how many cans each type of YETI cooler (both Tundra and Roadie coolers) will hold:

YETI Size Chart

YETI Cooler ModelReviewsCapacity# of Cans it HoldsIce CapacityCurrent Price
YETI Roadie 20Read Reviews22 Quarts1420 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 35Read Reviews28 Quarts2028 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 45Read Reviews37 Quarts2635 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 50Read Reviews46 Quarts3247 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 65Read Reviews52 Quarts3956 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 75Read Reviews79 Quarts5066 PoundsCheck Price
YETI Tundra 110Read Reviews92 Quarts65101 PoundsCheck Price

Read more about cooler size and how to calculate how many cans a cooler will hold here.

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